She is Set Apart Live Stream

sheissetapartCONFERENCEIn April, I have the potential opportunity to travel to Houston for a conference specifically for single women && the season of singleness we find ourselves in. Here's more info about the conference and details on how it works:

Where: Houston,TX at the University of Houston Central Campus When: Tentatively Saturday, April 11, 2015 Time: 9am-5pm Cost: FREE when you donate to one of the below campaigns. By donating you are basically choosing who you want to see at the conference because you are donating funds towards the persons transportation cost to get them at the conference to speak or perform.

Arielle - Spoken Word: (THAT'S ME! Help me get there?)

Angel - Speaker:

Allison - Speaker:

And if you weren't able to catch it live, here is the full video from the Livestream!


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