FEEL was created out of the desire to create art that is relatable, expressive and driven with a purpose as opposed to just being aesthetically pleasing. The FEEL project exists to reinforce the bridge between art and health resources as a therapeutic activity and practical application. The book explores the questions of what do emotions look like? What do they sound like? And ultimately conveys an artistic exploration of human emotions. 


Symphony of a Lioness

Symphony of a Lioness is something like an exhale of mine, an idea that sat in the cusps of my heart and dreams but didn’t think was tangible until I actually started verbalizing it. This short album is composed of my own poetry, the vocals of beautifully gifted individuals and all sewn together by the musical genius of Aaron Aiken.


Vagabonds & Zealots

Arielle's first self-published co-authored book of poetry released in 2014. This collection sparked the beginning of her self-published journey.  Each piece is written with intent and rawness in hopes that the reader experiences pain, grace, redemption and everything in between.


Write Bloody, Spill Pretty

Write Bloody Spill Pretty is a collection of heart whispers, difficult conversations, hope, and experiences with unforgettable people, expressed through poem. It is the recorded journey of two women exploring and facing the world through five realms: places, purpose, Abba, him, and her. Arielle and Sarah chose to leave the poems author-less as an invitation to freely engage with their styles and exercise the imagination over whose voice is speaking. Ultimately, Write Bloody Spill Pretty is a celebration of the way these two authors' writing styles are wildly different yet simultaneously harmonic in their embrace of the fullness of humanity.