||T W E N T Y - T W O||

I want to expand the way I write/ what I write about. I hope to be insightful, informative and encouraging in many different outlets. I struggled with what to write for today, I could journal entry approach which I have been doing, I could take a topic and start writing off of that. I considered starting a conversation about Raven-Symone and her comment but you can do that on your own. Instead, I will make a list of books (that I can write in 30 minutes )I think you should read.

  • A Severe Mercy

    By, Sheldon Vanauken

    WARNING: THIS. BOOK. WRECKS. YOU.  From the inside out. it changes your view of God, religion as a whole, relationships, love, jealousy and overall life in general. It is a TRUE story of a couple who becomes friends with C.S Lewis and exchange letters with him over a time span of years and find God through the encounter. Their relationship is a beautiful depiction of selfless love and brutal honesty. This book does not shy away from vulnerability or from raw and real truth. Also their encounters with C.S Lewis gives you such a tangible view of him, you would believe that you were friends with him too by the end of it.

    . The Heart of a Woman

By, Maya Angelou

You admire Maya from the distance, you fall in love with her poetic words but this book is a glimpse at her life, the reason and backbone of all the poems that she created. I love reading books that allow you to see people that are held on this pedestal on a real, fallible human level. You're reminded that it took a lot for them to get to where they are and it elicits even a deeper respect for them. I found myself giggling at how sassy she was, in awe of her boldness and captivated by the way she wrestled with her ability to connect with the maternal part of her and love her son.

3. Fat Pig

By, Neil LaBute

I am a play junkie. I like to buy the short little books and read through them, imagine myself as the characters and dissect the meaning of lines. This about eighty page play is the story of a couple who wrestles with the appearance of themselves and each other. I had the honor of playing the character Helen who is a heftier woman dating Tom who is tall, good-looking and "fit." The story is essentially the "I'll never be that girl story" and it resonates with basically every woman because we've all felt that way at some point and time. This one hurts but the text is SO good. If you're into plays ---read it.

4. If You Find this Letter

By, Hannah Brencher

I mean duh. Read this post and you'll know why.

But seriously, just read it, not the post. The book, it's beautiful, she's beautiful.

5. Is Everyone Hanging out Without me?

By, Mindy Kaling

IT'S SO FUNNY. I have never laughed out-loud at a book before. It was the book that my friend Kayla and I read to each other while sitting on dryers in a laundromat. It's HILARIOUS, insightful, encouraging and basically makes you want to have Mindy as a friend so you can text her quotes that you loved to her as if she wasn't the one who wrote the book in the first place. Not only is it funny but the way she incorporates truth and sort of allows you to see the insides and outsides of what she  does and you realize she's a freaking boss as well.

6. Rising Strong

by, Brene' Brown

I fell in love with this brilliant woman after watching her TED TALK awhile ago. Now my small group is reading this book and it's amazing. Her incorporation of research, education and life all wrapped in one is so refreshing. She makes me want to go back to school and learn so much more. She also makes me want to have coffee with her for two days in a row and take copious amount of notes--- I choose the latter option.


Thank you.

For tuning into lists and explanations in 30 minutes with Arielle.

See you next time folks.