|| Jimani Collections Collab||

To have a purpose, more about to be able to watch in awe of what your own two hands can create, is what I believe to be one of the most amazing feelings one can experience. I am a strong believer that we were meant to create to some extent maybe that doesn’t necessarily have to relate to artistic creation but really any type of creating. Lately, I have been in awe with the ways that people tuck creativity into their lives in hopes of generating something new, sustainable and innovative. A few months ago I came across a company by the name of Jimani collections. This collection has some of the most beautiful handmade jewelry I have ever seen and their mission is even more beautiful! Jimani collections is all about creating a sustainable solution to poverty by empowering Kenyan women with jobs of their own allowing them themselves to be sources of tangible change and progress towards eliminating poverty.

Here’s a little snippet of their mission:

At Jimani Collections we aim to:

  • Provide women with vocational skills through targeted training programs
  • Offer sustainable income and a safe workplace for women who have neither
  • Develop a supportive, uplifting community
  • Showcase the workmanship of the ladies through unique, well-crafted products

My most favorite part?

They don’t just SAY that they hire these women and then you never get to see their faces or hear their stories, nope! Here are the list of women who are the makers of each piece of jewelry and their stories. When I received my Elizabeth Imani Square Fringe Brass Necklace, 

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it came with a little tag with the name Ester on it. That seemingly little detail made receiving jewellery feel intimate and intentional and you actually get to see the face of who made the jewelry you received, it is really a special moment!


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Basically I could gush about them on and on but you need to go see for yourself: JimaniCollections.com