Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 12.47.47 AM So I've been trying to change my rhythms.

Actively trying to everyday refuse the comfortable or convenient. Like craving tacos every night after 9pm and not caving into the smell of greasy meet or the sexy lure of dim lit taco trucks in random parking lots. Instead of letting evening = loneliness, I turn it into productivity, journal, blog, plan out the days to come. Instead of stressing about tomorrow --- I fight to stay present to soak up today like it's my last one and let it keep me grounded.





We don't really use that word a lot.


We always refer to yesterday because yesterday was better than today or r yesterday was a day we don't want to repeat and so we think about tomorrow. We think about what tomorrow will bring and who tomorrow will give us and who tomorrow will promise we could be.


But what about today scares you so much?

Are you already so afraid of what you won't get done ?

Are you already ashamed of who you will be during and at the end of today?


What about today is so daunting ? What if it wasn't ?


What if we declared that it wasn't, that it doesn’t need to be.


What if instead I said ...


  1. Take today for what it is nothing more nothing less


  1. Great today with open arms, a receptive mind and a grateful heart for  whatever the Lord gives you in it


  1. Take who you are right now and joke them closer. Tell them thank you for journeying with you this far, kiss them sweetly and say I love you and really mean it this time


  1. Take just ten minutes for you today. A nap. Sit somewhere and dream a little bit. Close your eyes and breathe a little deeper


  1. Make a list. A list of things you're grateful for. A list of things you love about yourself or someone else ( go a little crazy and give it to them)


  1. Squeeze someone tight enough today that it makes up for not squeezing them tight enough yesterday and will keep them knowing they are loved until tomorrow.

  2. When today is over, thank it. Extend gratitude to what it entailed and go to sleep, not worrying about tomorrow but resting beautifully in the end of today.


Sprinkle a little more intentionality in today, in right now. In this morning or this afternoon or whenever you are reading this. Today is yours, hold it closely my loves.