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I slept in. I did not wake up to do workout videos or go to the gym like I told myself I needed to do.

This morning, medicine

while still in bed I opened up my Jesus Calling and it smacked me in the face real good with truth and reality I have been trying not to stomach.

This morning, treatment

I interviewed for an Internship and it turned into a conversation that spoke so much life into me, I hung up the phone with necessary tears.

This morning,

I took myself to breakfast.

I sat on one side of a booth and I ate breakfast alone.

Today, I am hyper aware of the desperate need to take care of myself.

To take things a lot slower than I have been. I have been unhealthily obsessed with the hustle, with the go because then I don’t have to stop and wrestle with what’s going on inside of my own and around me.

Yesterday I had to sit, face my planner know what to say yes and what to say no to.

I had to ask myself questions, is this good for you right now? Will this heal or hurt you?

These are the moments where we earthquake.

These are the moments where we are wrecked and challenged, where the soil is shifted so that growth for something new has the space to breathe and become.

These are the moments where we look back and thank them for shaping us when all we did was curse them while we were in it.

Beauty from ashes.

Phoenix arising.

All of that, I am in the thick of it. Discomfort, uncertainty, swallowing challenges by the fistfuls and hope they are more fuel than anything else.

Beauty from ashes.

Phoenix arising.

Yeah, all of that.

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