|| Tis The Season ||

photo (1)Such a weird little season this 2014 Holiday has become.

A very blurred line between grieving, celebrating and almost being slightly frustrated with how inadequately these materialistic gifts express how much each person means to me. Life is blooming with beautiful, unexpected wonders.

Being home and with every member of my family all at once for more than a weekend, is a gift in itself. I have been so blown away and blessed by the opportunities God has placed on my path already and the stepping-stones for next year as well.

I’m not writing this to tell you how good my life is because even in that goodness there’s uncertainty, grieving the loss of those who I no longer get to share this season of thankfulness and joy with and a lot of stress. I guess it’s all just a reminder that this world so desperately needs the hope that Christmas brings which has nothing to do with anything under trees or in stores.

I think this season scares us, so we fill it with stuff and meaningless busyness.

When really I think it just wants us to be still. Sip moments longer, let the craziness of this year unravel and become the reminder of where we are now and how far it is we’ve come instead of steam rolling straight into 2015 frazzled, bloated, and broke.

It’s a weird little season, that makes you think it wants you to put on your best party outfit, brightest smile and most presentable dishes and for some occasions it does…but in all honesty sometimes we need to do the very opposite. More comfy clothes, genuine smiles, solid paper utensils and nights at home thinking of every story you can remember from this year and the ones that have come before. It needs more selfless acts and not just to check them off our look-how-much-good-I-did-this-year list but because it’s necessary and good for the soul.

photo (2)This morning, my dad went to a children's hospital ward to visit a church family whose little baby is recovering from a virus. He called me after he had left and said, "We have to go back, take a bunch of toys and go back. I walked past room after room of little kids in that ward...we have to go back." This season is about that, about refusing to feel deeply about things and acting on them.

So while you’re hustling and bustling to all the stores before the “good stuff” is gone and you’re wondering what you’re going to cook and how much you can squeeze an emotion into a box with a pretty bow…maybe just take life a little easier. Think of where your hands can leave goodness and how you can love where it's definitely needed.

Yeah. I’m going all cliché Christmas on this one.

Which is not to be mistaken for guilt tripping. There's nothing wrong with buying your gifts, your best party attire and hosting a mean dinner party but also realize that there's nothing wrong with sipping hot coco, grabbing as many blankets as you can and taking evenings slow. Think of the gift in every conversation and each tear that reminds you that even in the most ravishing of seasons, there will be touches of pain.

I think I’m a little over this whole season starting in October for sales numbers to go up and thinking that more stuff will fill any already hole in our life because they wont. There will always be stuff, we will continuously not need it and it will never fill any hole where hope and an overwhelming sense of peace should be instead.

Remind people you love them with words and small actions. Remember that it is this season that the greatest gift ever given was placed on this earth to remind people that there is a God && he loves them very much.

Make eye contact with strangers, give them a smile or a Merry Christmas and then hope that it truly is one.

Each year this season will come along and beg something different of us.

This year, I think it wants us to set the crazy aside for a little bit and just be. It’s a tricky thing to do but a necessary one.

So, tis the season for rest, good conversation, lots of laying and even more snuggling.

Tis the season for grieving, celebrating and food comas.

Yes, tis the season friends. Tis this beautiful and strange season indeed.


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