Tangents about Smoothies and Resting well.

Something I was constantly corrected on while working at Jamba Juice (besides not selling enough juices because I didn't want to annoy people with shoving samples in their faces) was that I pretty much always made extra smoothie. Sometimes I would upgrade the customers drink and give it to them or there would be taste tester left overs for the team members.

People aren't really ever going to get upset with you if you give them more than what they paid for. Usually they will gladly accept it without any protest on their end, take the paper off the straw and casually go on their way, occasionally I'll get asked a verification on what size they ordered, "Is this a small?"
"I had a little extra, so I put it in a bigger cup for you." They walk away, excited that they paid for one thing and got more than their $5 usually gets them.

"Arielle, watch your quantities." My manager would tell me, "Your smoothies are coming out with a lot of extra." I got reprimanded for this because though one-person gains in this situation, the other loses. When I make extra and give it to customers that extra shows up as a deficit in product for Jamba.

I often give extra pieces of myself away; pieces of my heart, pieces of my time, the list goes on and on, when there are none and usually it leaves me exhausted, torn, and receiving way less of myself in return. Quitting Jamba juice was one of the hardest things I have done because I am so consumed with pouring myself out to places that don’t necessarily pour anything back into my cup. I thought to myself “oh yeah, I could TOTALLY work five jobs pretty much part time, go to school and still be a functioning human being.”

When it comes to relationships I think, “Being this vulnerable is necessary” even though I am most likely the one giving novels to the other person and only receive barely a chapter in return. I stretch myself so thin in so many different places. I pour so much extra of myself into other people’s cups and end up empty. There is a balance to this that I have yet to perfect, it starts with the knowledge of the fact that I do it in the first place. Acknowledging when to say no, when to set aside time for YOU before you become a depleted and not living human being is so so necessary.


A sweet friend of mine asked me the other day, “when am I going to take the time to take care of myself?” I sort of began this year in full sprint. It’s barely the second week of school and I already took a comatose two-hour nap and IT’S MONDAY. This is no way to live.

This is tangent, about smoothies and extra cups, about self-care and knowing that sometimes you just downright have to say NO. I am firm believer in engaging in all things that make your soul set flame and your heart ripple effect onto others, but resting is necessary. Knowing when someone deserves your cup of extra and when someone doesn’t is necessary to living and living well my friends. 

So here’s to not giving out extras of ourselves and balancing being living cups of just enough and maybe.. just maybe sometimes we give a little more to places that know exactly how to pour it right back.


Who knows if this made any sense but here it is all spilled out anyway.



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