|| Send Your Love||


 If you know me, then you are aware that Adele is ma girl. I adore her (the pieces of her personality the internet allows me to see), her craft, just her magical British goodness. I don’t fan girl very often, I have two people that kind of response would be given to: Hannah Brencher and Adele oh and Jesus too but that’s different.

I'm going somewhere with this okay? Stay with me.


Recently, Adele released her new album 25, which I can’t tell you how many times i’ve listened to it because I don’t have time for your judgement. If you haven’t listened to it then i’m not sure why we’re friends….but I digress. But even more recently, Adele released a video for track #2 on the album, Send My Love (To Your New Lover). I kid you not, I get a little teary eyed when I even talk about it because it even more so confirms my theory that 25 was the exhale of a finally free Adele A rejuvenated Adele, a hopeful and full of new life Adele. A little bit softer due to maternity Adele but even more comfortable in her own skin. This album was (what I believe to be) a hello to her self (pun intended).


If you haven’t seen the video, here it is: 



You should watch it so we can be on the same page. In fact, feel free to just listen to it over and over as you continue reading.


This four minute video is filled with this British queen having the most psychedelic time in a gorgeous floral dress letting go. Why this is significant? (I’m going to have a really geeky fan girl moment --- bear with me) not many people know that Adele is TERRIFIED of performing and of flying, she gets really bad anxiety and nervousness. In fact her fear of flying has paralyzed her so much that she’s cancelled tours because of it, over the past two years it’s been something she has gotten more and more courageous about. She also doesn’t dance, on stage in the first couple years of her performing she stood still and let her voice move for her, she usually stuck to a wardrobe that entailed an all black attire.

When I first watched Send My Love, I seriously got a little emotional (you can ask my friend Karen, she posted a snapchat me tearing up a bit after eating pho...whoops), I got emotional because as someone who has seen this woman since her first album, 19 she’s come a long LONG way. This video is a little inside to her finding herself, a side of her that says, I am able to dance in my own skin after so much hurt, so much heartache, so much change, so much loss. I am still and even more so able to dance beautifully and effortlessly in this body, in this home of mine. HOW BEAUTIFUL IS THAT?!    

Adele has a way of writing and singing songs for everyone, for the angsty teenagers and the mothers, for the twenty-year old millennials still unsure of what purpose means. I read somewhere that Adele writes songs that make you miss that one cute person you saw on the subway. For each album (though she is a little bit older than me) they have been released around the times where I personally have been the age when she wrote them. And maybe i’m stretching this whole thing to a new level ( I tend to do that) but that video helped me realize that as I’m getting ready to exit year 24 and enter into year 25, I could dance that dance too.

I’m not necessarily shaking off any old lovers per say (we’re always mending our hearts) but these past years have been refining to who I am becoming and who I will continue to become. I feel the most comfortable in this almost 25 year old skin.

I know Adele probably wasn’t applying anything biblical references to Send my love BUT if she were perhaps it would be Psalm 30. “Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning.”

|| The heartbreak happened yesterday, the hurt happened yesterday,

the pain you felt the night before will not trump todays dancing. ||

Send your love to what has happened before, send a note of thanks to it. Sure, for a moment you will second guess and overanalyze the mess out of it but then you must dance forward. Dance forward in the skin you’ve learned to love, in skin that’s learned to endure. In skin that has unclenched its fists and whispered “I’m giving you up, I’m forgiving it all.” because that’s where your healing comes in.


There are far better things ahead than what we leave behind. So keep dancing and rising. Psychedelic floral dress and all.