|| Rooting for You ||

When people believe in you it makes such a difference doesn’t it? This life is a race and we’re all just hoping we’re cool enough for someone to want to be in the stands with a poster that has our name on it, online or a stick version of our own face while their face turns beet red because they want to make sure you know that they’re there for you. When people believe in you and I mean really believe in you, buy more about when they are the ones who give you ideas when your creativity runs dry and your hands can’t hold anything else, doctor when you’ve cried more than you’ve smiled and they’re still there willing to cheer you on when you don’t have the strength to do it yourself. When people believe in you, it’s the flame underneath you that keeps you going, that motivates you in believing that you’ve got this, you’re good enough, you’re doing something world changing and meaningful.

I love it when people tell me to keep writing. I have no intention or desire of ever stopping but when they tell me this, I like to think it’s their way of saying I believe in you and the beautiful work you’re doing, don’t listen to the monsters in your head. you’re not alone in this.

 You’re not alone in this.

Someone believing in you is this instant reminder that you are not alone, you’re not walking through this life by yourself. Someone out there is holding your hand, someone is the shoulder you need when standing on your own gets rough, someone is whispering bed side prayers over you, someone thinks about all the wonder you’re capable of before you even know you’re capable of them in the first place. We need more people who believe in us don’t you think? People who tell us the greatness we can’t always see in ourselves, more people who are willing to not fight the battles FOR US but come alongside WITH US and we’ll do it together.

When people believe in us, it’s what sparks and maintains the flame that is nestled underneath these working feet and the life pumping in these veins that keep us waking up the next day.

Especially from the artist perspective, we are a needy bunch constantly seeking confirmation because we don’t always do this whole creative thing for ourselves. We do it to tuck love letters in the back of pockets, to help people see beautiful where we don’t think there is any, to remind you that you’re good enough and loved. We lean in on what’s not practical, we do the things people taunt us that we’re not capable of doing, it’s a risk of vulnerability that we make every day BECAUSE IT’S WORTH IT. But even a vagabond needs a place to rest their head and even an emotional, restless artist needs solid ground under their feet.

Today, someone who wants to remain anonymous agreed to pay my remaining Undergrad balance that I needed to pay in order for my hold to be taken off my account, to enroll in a summer class and allow my application for Grad School to be considered. To say that this was simply a blessing or burden lifted is BEYOND an understatement. This is more than about just money; this is someone who has made it so completely clear that they believe in me that honestly it brings me to tears.

Here’s the thing…

when you’re called to do something or be someone, don’t ever believe that you can’t achieve it because of money, or insecurity or doubt. You are capable of great things and there is a whole team of people rooting for you in the sidelines and in the quiet of their own minds. Know that you are someone who has greatness harnessed into your very core. A greatness given to you by the One who formed your very being and with that, he also has given you people who believe in you so much it’s ridiculous.

When people believe in you, it gives you the push to believe in others too. We’re all just trying to figure this whole thing out together, why not root for one another while we do it?





To anyone and everyone who has ever believed in me,

 you have no idea how much your support mean. Not only financial but spiritual, or physical every aspect of support that you have displayed is so so appreciated. You are part of the reason I am still standing and sane.

I am more thankful for you than words could ever begin to describe.