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Hello Blog World!





Goodness, I didn't intend to take such a long hiatus but honestly life has been moving so rapidly I've struggled to keep up. I hope to tap back into this world soon but right now my creativity has been split into so many different directions, it's getting hard to add blogging back into there too.

So in the meantime...

here's just a little recap of what's being going on:

Over the past couple of months I've been super blessed to chat with some amazing individuals who are using their gifts and crafts for so much good and they've let me in on some of it!

  1. A few months ago, I had the honor of being "interviewed" but really just sat on the phone for a good two hours with the amazing Alex Lewis who is the founder of carwindowpoetry (this sweet organization that literally leaves poems, encouragement and love letters on the windows of people cars---how amazing is that?!) You can check out the ramblings from that conversation here.
  2. Feel baby feel.

    I believe the last blog like post that I've written was for Tapestry Magazine where I spilled some thoughts  on being a feeler.

  3. Recently, I met Colleen Monroe at an event and she was rocking this super classy trench coat jacket WHICH SHE MADE HERSELF.  Colleen is the founder of Untucked Workwear and each week she interviews an #untuckedwoman and a few weeks ago, that was to be me! You can read more about that here.

  4. Last month, a beautiful woman that I have deeply adored since the day I met her, wrote a book about her family and the story behind most unique way that they've become one. Heather Avis writes so eloquently with such intention and rawness that is absolutely refreshing. At the #theluckyfew release party I had the HONOR of capturing this family in poem form and dedicated it to The Wildflowers. You can find out why I did that when you read her book--do it, it's so good.



This year started off creatively on such a beautiful foot and was able to continue by writing Write Bloody Spill Pretty with one of my very dear Poetry Sister friends, Sarah.  Last month, we were able to host release / reading parties in Northern and Southern CA, two places we've been able to call home. Those two evenings were absolute magic and I'm so excited to call this project my own. All the BEAUTIFUL design in the book is credited to our beautifully GIFTED friend Andrea, check her out because the girl is BOMB.COM

Get your copy on amazon now!

Alright, time to wrap this up...



I'm leading a writing workshop hosted by Faithful Artisans in DTLA, there will be mimosas, story exploration. You don't just have a story my love, YOU ARE ONE. Let's explore that further, shall we?

Hope to see you there

Ticket with a journal 

Ticket without a journal



That was a lot, did I overwhelm you? Hopefully with goodness and not stress!

Also...I decided I needed to tap into National Poetry Month, so you can see my 30 poems/ ramblings for thirty days after this on my blog!

Until next time friends,

rooting for you always