|| If I Could Tell You Anything ||

And if I could tell you anything...  

I would tell you that love terrifies me to my core

I would tell you that I'm afraid to be held closely for a moment, I was unsure if I even knew how to love someone in the first place


He told me, that a passionate woman was worth the chaos But I am sure, that I am not a storm he knew how to prepare for And his blue eyes were not glaciers I was ready to run into


If I could tell you anything, I would tell you that I'm exhausted, from juggling more jobs than these hands can hold when all I really want to do is this right here, write letter poems to strangers and loved ones and hope that they hear "me too" tucked within my stanzas


Yes, if I could tell you anything I would tell you that I am more distant than lost ships and that my lighthouse is 6 hours away covered in overcast and a red bridge that has arms extended wide like welcome home signs I would sit down with you for coffee,

and then first tell you that I drink way too much coffee

Then I would look you in the eye as easy as that may be and say that....most days most days, I have a hard time looking at myself in the mirror

I would tell you that you are worthy  and then fight the internal battle to believe it for myself I would ask you, How's your heart? 

Have you healed from from what last felt like lightning to your gut? Are you walking wound or walking victory? I would tell you, just tell them you think they're cute Whoever "they" are for you

I would say, be daring

Let courage be the spine that makes you stand taller

Do not be afraid to stand taller 

Be the woman or the man you would want our little ones to follow footsteps after If I could tell you anything, I would say do the things that scare you Let your dreams be big enough to scare you


Run with it,  if it doesn't exists then create it Be you're own boss  Own it, every strut and strong shoulder


I would tell you yeah, life is tough but so are you 

But then I would whisper that it's okay to be weak sometimes

It's okay to put that cape to the side sometimes


I would say baby listen...

you're the kind of magic Frida talked about 

And someday, someone will look at your smile and see dimples as the gold found on the end of rainbows I think for far too long we've convinced ourselves that we don't deserve beautiful things or to be loved well but there is a God who is pursuing us recklessly every day despite our fleeting tendencies

It is a wonderful thing isn't it ? to know that we can run all we want and he'll still be there


He would tell you:

You're marvelous  The kind of beautiful that you can't even fathom from your human eye You are every bit of heaven on earth that I could have pulled from stars, milky ways and dust


He would tell you, I love you and then he'd say it again,

I L o v e  y o u.

There's no more need for running please give those tired feet a rest


You see these arms? They are the most secure safety you could ever know

Stay here awhile Right here

"The LORD replied, "My Presence will go with you, and I will give you rest."

Exodus 33:14

PoetryArielle Estoria