Her Name is Pearl.

"What about Pearl?" My roommate asked when we got in the car for my very first ride away from the dealership. I gave her a really disapproving face because my ears heard "Herb" wait what?

"No no no, Pearl. Because she's kind of pearly."

Yeah, Pearl is cute. Sure it sounds like a sweet little lady chilling on the porch of her Victorian house reminscing about her 7 kids who are all grown with their own families, while she sips ice tea in a rocking chair but Pearl. Yeah, Pearl could work.  

So I thought of all reasons why "Pearl" could fit because obviously I have to overanalyze everything before making an actual decision.

  1. She’s a beautiful fluorescent light blue color.
  2. She’s small, kind of like an oyster shell.
  3. But mostly because Pearls are not easy to come by. You can’t just expect to come across them, they take some digging, some searching, a lot of patience and you have to know what it is you’re looking for, otherwise you'll just pass right over them thinking it was "just a shell". And even when you find a shell that could have a beautiful treasure inside, you have to open it and search through the actual oyster (which is pretty gross looking and not just this beautiful clean looking shell like all the pictures on google) and then you’ll find a pearl.

Finding Pearls take work.

Finding a good car (well honestly just a car at all) has been a challenge for me, the last car I bought myself broke down on me four times on the Grapevine and I spent more time looking at the inside of the hood than I did actually driving it. Needless to say I had slight PTSD because of it and a ticket that just got paid off (thanks mom and dad). And even today I went to an entirely different dealership where I had no luck but we just so happened to be on an entire block of car dealerships so we took a walk and found Pearl. Already, she is breath of fresh air and the realization that I don't have to walk to get groceries or run to Target unless I want to HOLLA-LUYAH. 

Funny story...funny as in no way this can be real, I'm just going to laugh because of how good it is. I can't make this stuff up!

A few months ago, I was sitting at a Burger place in Pasadena taking a break from poem rehearsing  with another poet and a couple of Pasadena House of Prayer students who were wandering the streets seeing what God would have them say or who He would have them meet, came up to me and my partner at the bar as we munched on food.

"We don't mean to bother you, feel free to keep eating!"

They introduced themselves and talked about what they were up to and asked if it was okay if they spoke over me. For some of you who aren't used to that term, you're probably thinking, "what do you mean 'spoke over you?!'" what I mean to say is that they prophesied over me. Definition: "to say that (a specified thing) will happen in the future." -- which is a whole different blog post or a face to face conversation so holla at me if you want to talk more about that.

Anyway, they continued to what it was they felt God was speaking through them to me (which luckily I have pretty strong discernment to where I can hear something and either think "NU-UH the devil is a lie" or I just cry in response to the weight of its truth). But one thing that stood out to me the most was when one of the guys said that he envisioned me sitting on the floor as a little girl and I was playing with a little car toy. He then goes and describes this car toy by telling me it's a blue-ish or teal color which BTW favorite color, what?! He doesn't know me so this has to be God amiright? He finishes by saying, "You're sitting on the floor, playing with this car in just pure child-life faith. There's nothing bothering you, you are perfectly content in that moment." 

As I sat in the dealership today waiting to see if any bank would be willing to finance a recent college graduate, first real car buyer from an actual dealership with baby credit, I stared at my car in the window and this encounter popped back into my memory. It was in that moment where I just prayed out loud,

"Lord if this is you, please have your way. No more stressing, no more worrying, my hands are outstretched. If this is you, have your way."

And then the financing came back and the car was less than I had thought it was, my total and monthly payments were both was under the budget I had planned initially.  Oh snap, God you're so good. 

So with that I say again, a lot of digging, a lot of searching and two fistfuls, plus a pocket of patience. 

Finding Pearls take work.


My boss asked me if my car was named Olivia Pope, so obviously I just decided that she would be Pearl Olvia. Because she’s beautiful but also gets stuff done, like errands and making sure I can actually make it to work now and to shows where I can continue to do what I love.

I can only pray that this vehicle would be a place where conversations that transform take place while sitting somewhere random, where prayers and tears fill her like journal pages and that the places I go to and from will experience at least a little bit of who He is.

Welcome Home Pearl Olivia kick butt Pope.

I can’t wait for our adventures together.

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