|| G E N E S I S , The Beauty of Beginnings||

Genesis: an origin, creation, or beginning. 

Genesis also means inception, I think that’s pretty dang awesome because when you think about how much Genesis sets up the rest of the bible, it blows your mind a little doesn’t it? There’s something about beginnings, about fresh starts, and clean slates. Does it ignite a certain excitement in you? An excitement for the unknown, for possibilities that seem endless, for the choices you will or will not make, the places you will go, the laughs that will trickle out of your mouth. Yes, there’s something beautiful about beginnings.

For me, there’s something so overwhelmingly enchanting about a new journal or planner. They are open spaces for me to dream, spill, pray and release. Something about new beginnings, fresh starts keeps us grounded, it allows us to sink our feet deep into a foundation before we dive head first into whatever comes next. There’s something sacred about beginnings, in all its newness, it becomes a space for us to unravel, to lay everything that happened before at its feet and leave it there.

Genesis One, is all about new beginnings; it is the very root of creation itself. Every day had its tasks, it’s place, and it’s accomplishments. The Lord took in every intricate detail and exhaled them onto this earth, each star, galaxy, tree, bird, and placement of water, night and day. Genesis gave us hope, hope in the beginning of creation, hope in earth and its prosperity, hope in what this place could become. And he said, “It is good, it is good”, a simple response to the sowing of origin that took place in the palm of his own hands. We all know what happens shortly after those first blissful chapters of creation and if you don't know, it's the fall that takes place, shame floods into the hearts of the first human beings given life and existence from that point on will never be the same. But let’s sit in chapter one and two for now. Let’s stand in awe of the abundance, the grace and the intentionality that beginnings bring because that’s where we're at right now.

 Today is the first day of 2 0 1 5.

I know it doesn’t really feel much different than yesterday which was an entirely different year but it is because it’s an entirely new day and the potential to be different rests in that simple fact. Today is a new beginning; yeah we might have some 2014 trickling over and that’s how seasons work, they come and they go but they also intertwine, one sets up the other and vice versa. In fact, everyday is a new beginning; everyday is, in all its cliché, a gift. Everyday that we wake up, is not something we deserve. I think we forget that sometimes, I think we forget that we aren’t deserving of new beginnings, of fresh starts, of waking up and being able to breathe in a new day. But when we are given them, there is so much grace in that, grace we continuously don’t deserve yet he gives it to us anyway.

So what do we do with it?

What do we do with the genesis of each day, each new year and opportunity that we’ve been given? How do we give it all we’ve got? How do we sow love, peace and hope back into each origin because that’s how it all began. How do we so fervently live out each day as if it were our last? I know, I know, we hear it all the time, the same ol record playing over and over again but seriously, what would you do today if you knew tomorrow was not guaranteed? I realize answers to that question could go anywhere on the spectrum from kissing strangers, to maybe recklessly driving or saying things without a filter but honestly… today is an inhale, what will you let out? What will your glorious hands create? What words will your mouth speak? How much closer will you hold someone? How big will you dare to dream? What risks scare the living logic out of you and why haven’t you done them?

I’m all for believing that we are capable of much more than we allow ourselves to believe, I think that’s because I have had so many wonderful human beings remind me of my own potential. So my friends, What story will you write in your genesis? How will you let the God of creation use you? I’m excited to see the words that will unfold, the conversations that will set something deep in you on fire again, the ways you will dream and leave traces of beautiful every where that you go. Here’s to new and intricately woven beginnings. May they be laced with intentionality, little regret and a whole lot more of it is good yes, so very good.

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