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So I do some part time work with this start up company that is a monthly clothing subscription, it’s really dope and you can check it out ( here ). Anyway, I was at work and a couple of friends and I were talking about being in life groups just in casual conversation and my boss asks, “What’s a life group?” one of my friends answered “A cheesy christian term” and the rest of us explained what a life group was. A space where a group of people do life together and usually there is a book read or a Bible study that you go through. “Do life together” don’t we all do that? Yeah but in these neat little groups it’s intentional and on purpose outside of the plain fact that well we’re all “doing life together” technically. And then today, my sister who is in her second year at Cal Baptist university starts talking about something and mentions her “Director of spiritual life” and I just busted out laughing in the middle of the Lazy Dog Cafe. She kept telling us her story and I just couldn’t shake this term “Director of spiritual life”, it just kept making me giggle like a middle schooler after their teacher accidently slipped something not even inappropriate but well you know middle schoolers. Then I just found myself going on this rant about how silly the christian community can be sometimes. I don’t think we intend to be cheesy but we absolutely are! We use these terms that make it very evident that there is a whole world we are involved in that not everyone else is.

I sometimes find myself sitting in environments and thinking how crazy we may seem to other people

so my mind automatically goes to the question of is that type of crazy inviting or is it ostracizing for those who interact with us? I’ve grown up in the church, I’ve done the youth conferences where people are jumping up and down and we watch really compelling Jesus skits (GUILTY, I’ve performed and re-written a few myself), I’ve gone to youth group and had lock ins where the guys and girls are separated, I’ve heard the purity talks, I’ve live the purity talks, I would journal prayers about modesty -- ya’ll I’m in this. But the older I get the funnier I think the "Christian Culture" can be sometimes and more importantly, the more I find Jesus in all the places sometimes "religion" will say he is not.

I think that sometimes we get stuck in this culture.

We think this culture is the norm versus the exception but that's the thing-- Christ calls us to be the exception doesn't he?! We’re a bit radical and we shake things up, not to just be walking examples of organized religion but to be living, breathing, reflections of Jesus himself. A Jesus who loves, a Jesus who used language that drew people in, angered them because of the bitterness of their truth and ultimately showed a love much deeper than the human mind could fathom.


Tonight, was the first meet and greet for this coffee shop where I am going to be part-time you know, doing that Barista coffee making.The coffee shop is called Mantra,

 a place that loves people first and just happens to make damn good coffee.

I can think of all the people who would question if that was a “christian" coffee shop because of their mantra and I can tell you well, it’s not a christian coffee shop. It's a coffee shop run by people who love Jesus and exude him in everything they are but they are not so blinded and immersed in a Christian Culture that ostracizes anyone.

I’m sort of trying to figure out in these last 5 minutes where exactly I’m trying to go with this post... bear with me.

I guess for me, growing up in the church, as a PK, experiencing church camps and all that goodness I realize that I have this very urgent and desperate need to experience God in places where people assume he is not. I am all about being the reflection of Christ versus just talking as if I am. I want to be open arms for any and everyone while still knowing what I believe and why I believe it.

I have moments where I think am I nuts for believing in this?

What if it’s all a hoax?! What if it’s not real?!

But then I think about the divine in the smallest of things and I am in awe with the very real fact that there has to be something, someone who ties all this together. How do we help others experience that same awe with accepting approaches in the way we communicate? Will they feel lost in the midst of our hashtag blessed or feel betrayed by our use of God's name when we just can’t openly admit that we don’t actually have feelings for someone?

How would all this change how our tongue or how our lives represent Christ without all this language we’ve tossed around in our own personal take on religion?

Maybe the idea of Christians wouldn’t anger or separate people so much.

My time is running out,

so please be reminded that I wrote this post in 30 minutes and didn’t do much theological research or quote checks.



see ya tomorrow.

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