Day Nine || 30days 3minutes

I've been up since 6am && driving since 7am. In between then and now I have had maybe twenty minutes and that was filled with stuffing my face with my first and only meal of the day - tacos of course.

So for today, I'm going to cheat and post the poem I performed this evening and expand on this day/ all the thoughts tomorrow when i'm more coherent and less like a 3 year old who hasn't napped in a few days.  It was a tribute piece to Andrae' Crouch for APUs Gospel Choir Concert.

I'll leave you with this.

Each of us has been placed on this earth,

to plant the seeds that we have been given

into every place that we step on

Our names,

legacies soon to be painted on tomb stones

when our footsteps

are no longer touching earthly soil

will we be remembered?

how will we be remembered

who we will be remembered as?

did we spill Jesus every chance that we got?

were we walking reflections of the creator of this universe

did people see something heavenly about our existence?

the story of the man who took his gifts and buried it in Matthew, is a story that elicits the urgency to chase your calling with everything inside of you as if it were the last thing that you did,

what if it was the last thing that you did?

would it shatter the existence of reality as we know it?

become a breaking point of heaven releasing itself into terrestrial realms?

Andrae’ Crouch



musical orchestrator


used his gifts to remind people of a God who loved them so fiercely

there was no choice but to sing about it

he lived and orchestrated his life immersed in the calling

that he so boldly stepped into with the tone of,

here I am Lord, send me

and so he went

and captured hearts for a Kingdom most didn’t even know existed, humility exuding from his core

proving that this entertainment, this music, these gifts

 were never ours to begin with

So If your voice is a gift, do you speak with it?

do you show hell what God that you serve overtime you open your mouth?

if it's your feet, do you dance

so that everything below feels the tremble of a Power that moves mountains?

are your hands architects of pure glory and miracles that take people's breath away

do you teach and have a desire to echo resounding truth in the midst of lies?

what gifts have you been given?

what calling do you need to so boldly walk in?

when you meet your creator,

will you lay it all at his feet? because soon

yes very soon you will set your gaze upon the one who gave you those gifts to begin with

and remind yourself they were never yours to keep

when we leave this earth,

will we be remembered? or will he?

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