Day Eleven || 30days30minutes

Today, people wanted to be seen.

People wanted to be heard.

In the midst of my job searching and what not--- I have maybe applied for about 25 jobs in the past couple of weeks. Internships, working with OWN (yes, Oprah), social media jobs and the latest, Lyft driving. I signed up for Lyft and they schedule you for this mentor session to check out your car/ driving and all that. Yesterday, I was feeling slightly overwhelmed because I've been doing  a lot out of fear and not trusting in much of anything. This morning I called the Lyft mentor and I kid you not he had an earful for me. Precisely about 15 minutes worth of an earful about how Lyft should charge for mentor sessions because people don't show up and how people do this to him all the time. He told me that even if I did still want to go through with out, he couldn't make it to me in time and that I should have let him know yesterday and that he didn't have any problem rescheduling me but he is tired of the Lyft flaws when it comes to this part. After all of that he talked about his history of jobs and how this was by far the best he's ever had and he gets paid well. I just said Okay and that I was sorry for the inconvenience. He then proceeded to tell me I was probably young and that whatever job I had or didn't have this could be a good fit for me.

And after all of that, He told me I was a good listener and he thanked me for that.


On way way to babysitting today, I went to find a parking space with no luck and had to turn around. In the midst of turning around this older lady started walking to my car and she was asking me something but I couldn't hear her so I stopped mid-turn and rolled my window down. She was moving very slowly, fragile and glass like almost as if at any moment she would shatter.

When she got to my car, she asked if she could borrow a dollar. I told her she didn't have to borrow it but she could have it. She then asked me if I had any more change, I told her that I didn't but then she wouldn't leave. She just sat in the window of my car and I listened to her repeat something about plastic bottles and so in this moment where a woman was literally hindering me from driving away, I paused and asked myself "What's the need here?" because it was more than just money and I refuse to encounter anyone and not treat them as human beings.

So I asked her what her name was and if I could pray for her and if so what for and smack dab middle of a parking lot, I did just that. Prayed over her body, her mind, that she would experience peace and rest and know the provision of something far beyond earthly provision. I said amen and told her it was nice to meet her, she then walked away and I had to rush to go find a parking space because I was now late to nannying.


These two moments showed me a few things.

  1. Don't be so busy in your own world that you miss the people around you
  2. Sometimes you don't have to say anything, just show up. Just be there for people and listen maybe drop a mhm or Okay in there so they know you're still there but other than that--just listen.
  3. You have no idea the stories that are tucked within people, you don't have to always want to hear them or be there when they unravel but please please don't ignore them.
  4. Stop. just stop sometimes, stop amidst the chaos, the stress, the panic. Stop and be willing to hear people out. Help out a stranger, listen to a frustrated individual at 8 in the morning and be willing to carry those little burdens just for a moment. You won't keep them because they aren't yours to keep but at least be willing to hold them for a moment so they don't seem so heavy to them.
  5. Sometimes you have to do what you have to do. That doesn't aways mean it will be fun or even remotely enjoyable but it is necessary. From the necessary other goodness will unravel but you're gonna have to live out the other -less enjoyable parts first.



And I didn't want to be another person who refused to listen or refused to see. It's not easy living in this world and to live in it and be invisible could be the worst burden to carry.

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