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We never really talk about our empty cups.

We want people to see us when we're full, still in tact, pretty and strong.

We want to show all the places we go, the things that we see, we have this weird fascination with wanting to paint lives that are exciting, adventurous and whimsical.

But we never really talk about the empty cups.

The nights where we get stuck in the silence of our own minds and believe the worst possible things. Or the way we trace over old wounds wondering if hurting is something we're willing to go back to.

Declare this with me today okay? That you will not be afraid of your empty cup.

That you will embrace the frazzled, restless human being that you are.

Yeah you're crazy sometimes but that just means loving you means shaking your shoulders, sitting you down and reminding you it was never your job to be perfect. There's nothing wrong with an empty cup sometimes, it gives us room to fill back up.

For everything we are not friends, He is.