Bloom Where you are Planted

Bloom where you are planted. That's really easy to do when your resting in good soil, with a lot of nutritious food giving you energy, the sun is shining not too brightly but enough for you to appreciate the rays, allowing you to grow in a bountiful and prosperous way. You blooming in that place feels not only right but really really good. But what about when you're planted in something that soil is a bit more rough, we squirm uncomfortably and it seems as if a lot of hard things are trying to do everything they can to make sure you're not rooted. There is no sun, just a lot of rain and it makes our leaves and spirit really heavy. So instead of it feeling right or any type of good, we feel wrong, insecure, and incapable of blooming. That's when we start to uproot ourselves and attempt to messily plant ourselves in whatever else feels comfortable or better.  I am a huge believer in blooming where you are planted, however I am also starting to realize that blooming where we are planted can be 1. A process 2. Not always an easy process and 3. Sometimes uncomfortable. I believe that sometimes we are put in places where we are planted in that tough soil just so that God can show us that even in the midst of that, we can bloom prosperouslybecause of his watering. But then we turn around and say that in reality we're just "not being where we should be" and so we okay maybe just I, uproot myself somewhere else that feels "better" or "right" aka "comfortable".  Blooming where we are planted doesn't mean just stay stuck where you are because you're rooted there, so you have to. No, it means being present where we are, in that rooted season waiting to bloom. It means snuggling into where we are and resting there. It means maybe letting the discomfort and the challenges rest with us, until we overcome them and we will.  It doesn't mean focus on the next place we're going to be planted in, or the next person or conversation. It means in this moment, right now, to sit in our soil and let God do whatever it is he has planned. It will be a process, that's not always easy, we will second guess if that's even where were supposed to be because its not comfortable but usually that means its exactly where we should be. And that God is moving around us, through us and with us, that's why we feel so swayed, discombobulated and "un-rootable" (that's not a word but it is in this blog). When we are rooted, God is moving around us through that good or rough soil, so be present there, wait in that season of blooming and see what he creates.

Bloom where you are planted, not where you feel like you grow best.
Bloom where you are planted, not just in good soil.
Bloom where you are planted, even if its uncomfortable.
Bloom where you are planted, just bloom. 
And be proof that we are being saturated with the waters of Christ.
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Originally Written: September 17, 2013
UncategorizedArielle Estoria