Be Willing to Feel Something

I saw a well but I did not see water
I saw a relationship but I did not see balance
I saw a gun but I did not see peace
I saw a body but I did not see life
I saw color but I did not see equal or lesser than
I saw a world but I did not see love
I saw love but I did not see unity
I saw a church but I did not see Christ

Lately I've been telling searching friends
that they're looking for God in all the wrong places, they they are hoping to find him in their sunday attendance and scripture verse background
And in their well kept and tightly held together personas

Lately I've been telling searching friends,
that they need to find him
In the corners of their weakness and the depth of their hurt

Lately have been telling searching friends, that we can't pretend to be okay anymore

We are a drowning people in our own hypocrisy thinking that our success will quench a thirst much deeper than our lips can taste

We are dried up and filled up with empty and it's no wonder why we always feel so hollow
Living in a spiritual drought and wondering why we get so choked when were faced with trials

Why young boys on streets are no longer headlines but sidelines
Since when does it take hours to cover a body? Letting the air of hate run his frame more cold and numb than his already stopped heartbeat

Racism still exists
Yes it beats like drums declaring the victories we thought had been won now recycled like wars people keep underneath their tongues
And clutched in triggers

Living in a country that declares surrender to a God they refuse to bow down to
because we don't know what humbling our knees to the floor feels like

Too many four walls and stained glass windows
more concerned with the number of heads they can count
than the number of hearts actually being hot ironed and molded under His encounter
Shutting doors in faces of those who proclaim to love the same, showing them Pharisee regulation not Jesus... Not love

If our hearts are not breaking for this shattering of existence we claim we are thriving in, then we will continue to see ....
a well but not water
See relationships but not balance
See guns but no peace
See bodies but no life
See color and equal or lesser than
See a world but no love
See love but no unity
and see Church but no Christ

Yes, we will continue to see Church but no Christ
How can we continue to profess that we are made in his image
Have bleeding organs in our chest meant to replicate his own
And not feel this
Not feel all of this

Lay down your barricades
Put down your pride
And I dare you,
Just feel
If only for a moment
Please, just feel