All this to say.

Last night, price   I featured at an open mic in Rancho Cucamonga with friends turned family to smile at in the audience.

Last night, what is ed  

I was surrounded by creatively driven individuals with a simple heartbeat to my own artistic one.

This morning,

I stumbled out of my floor made bed at 9:30am to head over to a studio in the den of a home belonging to a handful of dudes and made magic.

This morning,

is orientation for Grad School at APU and it sort of all just hit me that this next year will not even be remotely close to anything I could have planned or expected.

Right now,

I am sitting in a coffee shop listening to the music generated by the wonderfully gifted Aiken Music that my own words will be able to dance with in an poetry and music short album.

All that to say, there is no place I would rather be.

Some of you know my story with embracing this whole artistic aspect of me. I struggled with it hardcore, went to an Arts High School and thrived  there but then I graduated and thought “Okay, now time to do “real” work. The same thing happened when I finished at APU, okay you go find some "real work". Whatever the heck that even means.

But right now, I am even more sure that this is not a hobby. This is not a side gig. This is engrained in my very being and it ebbs and flows out of me at any possible chance I give it.

I’m not entirely sure what the purpose of this blog is but I know I was supposed to write it. I think maybe it’s simply a encouragement to you that if it seems crazy, if you run from it…then maybe that’s exactly where you need to be and what you need to be doing.

God has a wonderful way of bringing us to the very edge of the shore, the edge of a cliff and asking do we trust him? Not to scare us or play some type of game but because his intention was never for us to drown, never for us to fall.

I am a dreamer. A big one, sometimes a reckless one, sometimes more calculated than necessary. The kind of dreamer who skips rocks on clouds and stuff like that.

But sometimes even with dreamers reality comes knocking real hard, so I guess all this is to say…open the door.

Stare reality in the face and tell it that your God is bigger.