A wedding poem dedicated to my Sweet friends.

Bethany, is really good at making home in your stomach The way she bakes inevitably makes you think of a mother’s warmth and safety you can always run to, despite how far you are

Donald has a way of making home rest on your shoulders Feeling the way four walls and protection has a tendency to take place in a hug

Together, they have a package of familiarity You can’t help but relate to, no matter how different it maybe

I heard someone say once, that when you get married, you are doing more than saying an eternity of I love you or I'm sorry You are taking two people coming from two homes Who then learn to make home in each other Two styles of comfort Two ideas of hospitality Two perspectives, family tees and realities And you mold them together Weave them with the thread of two stories placed together in one book Two homes, finding one safe haven

I pray that your marriage will remind people that despite how broken they may be, There will always be healing and a stomach full of warmth

I pray that your marriage will re-create this jagged perception of love our generation has carried

I pray that your marriage will be a home, Not only for you two and the string of families you now have dangling from your blooming family tree But a home for everyone who comes encounter with you A home for those who have lost hope in four walls and a good meal You will be home, one desperately needed and hopelessly sought

When you say I do, you are not just say it to marriage; you’re saying I do to a home in each other and for others

You’re saying, “I will today, tomorrow and forever make a home in you dear, I’ll make a home in you”