A letter to Incoming Freshman.

You may never see this.

But I have been thinking about the mass amount of you about to enter this place all day and I can’t help but write you this.


I know that very shortly you will light a candle that will have been lit by someone else’s candle and your candle will light someone else’s. That moment is very important. That moment deserves every inhale, pill every exhale and eyes closed that you will give it. That moment deserves awe. It deserves you being there, with all of you, with your mind and your heart, your excitement and your nervousness.

I remember that moment and as I do, tears are blurring my eyes from seeing my screen completely. I remember that moment because I saw my candle and everyone else’s candle and as I sat there in a sea of light, I knew… that I was not ready for the amazing I was about to experience. I knew that my life was going to change in ways I could not even fathom and looking back now it still brings a rush of reverence over me.


Your parents are probably still chasing you until Sunday night when they have to squeeze you for a second and then release. Let them have that moment, let your Mom pretend she’s not crying (or just blatantly turn into a hot mess in front of you), let your Dad sort through his emotions however it is he does best, let your siblings ask when you’re coming home next. Let this moment happen, do not be so quick to dive head first into this journey that you forget that home will always be your lighthouse. When the classes get heavy, the relationships get blurred and you forgot what rest feels like, home will be so necessary. Remember that.


If you embarked on this weekend alone, let someone random give you the tightest hug even though their excitement might disturb you at first, it is simply the purest form of love that some how this place has rubbed off on us.


Stay up late, meet people you won’t remember next week but remember that when you find your home team, keep them and hold them close. A home team is those people who know how ugly you look when you cry and still love you, those people who know exactly what you need to unravel, those people who know when to say something to you when you come into a room or to just turn the lights off, those people who send you text messages of encouragement that make you weep because you so desperately needed it…THAT is your home team. And you will know who they are, so even if you have to meet a few “let’s get coffee” and never do first, that’s okay. Home teams will always find you, they are never late, they are always exactly on time.


These four years will be a whirlwind, the best kind of blur, four years of whiplash, the kind that makes you rub your eyes a few times to see if it actually happened. They will shake you and ground you all at the same time.


Be ready for all things…everything no matter what it may be.

Be ready to let God show up even when you think you have a plan.

Change your major if you’re unsure, add a minor and don’t be afraid to find what makes your heart do summersaults and butterflies form in the goodness of your soul.

Be willing to have expectations shot and doors closed but do not doubt the light from still showing up and the windows opened wide.

Protect your hearts and prioritize the importance of people and relationships.

Know that learning does not begin or end in the classroom; sometimes the most important lessons you will learn come from conversations at 1 am on your bedroom floor.


Start each morning with a booming “Here I am Lord, use me.”

And believe wholeheartedly that he will.


This is not advice or any type of guidance this is simply reflection from my own heart spilled out to you. My sister is beginning her orientation at CBU today so this is for her especially. I love you Aali! Proud of you and excited to see what you will do and how God will use you and the phenomenal woman you will continue to shape into.


Today you entered into this big ol’ world and have been dared to change it in magnificent ways.

To accept or not to accept, that is up to you dear hearts.

Entirely up to you.