On Saturday night, 

I laughed the hardest I have in a long time

it was filled with people who know you better

than you know yourself most days

a frozen moment in snow globe fashion

forever in the forefront of my memories

on Sunday, I cried twice in the span of two hours

let the tears fall in attempt to finally be okay with not always being so put together let the tears begin the wrecking and refining

Both these Saturdays and Sundays in april,

became moments in time when I finally let laughter fill up the space

that would usually hold in stress and worry 

moments in time where the overflow of tears are more healing than anything else

and instead of letting moments pass you,

or attempting to skip their process

both laughter and tear filled...

remember to stuff them in your pockets

by the fistfuls because you will never get them back

not in the way that they happened

they exist, in their most necessary form only in right now 

 don't miss them

laugh full

cry deep