I left her house and she called after me,

"Be kind to yourself"

When I left my Chirporactor appointment, 

He told me to take it easy 

The people around me have a way of tucking the love letters I often ignore into my interactions with them 

They remind me to move slower

To let my body tell me when it needs to rest

To let my mind speak kinder thoughts to myself than I usually allow 

Last night, 

my friend saw my phone background

It reads

"Be kind to yourself my love"

And she told me, now you need to put your name in it

Be kind to yourself Arielle 

Be kind to yourself Arielle ?

It is less question 

when you give kindness 

to someone else 

It is easy to generalize the need for

 self care and self love for the masses 

When it is your job

To encourage, 


 and to be the soft speaking voice 

that can drown out the negative one we hear on a daily basis 

But it is much harder

To put your name in the notes you so easily give to everyone around you 

While you remain your own worst enemy

And I am learning to be less of my own worst enemy 

And a little softer

Be kind to others

Be kind to yourself 

Be gentle 

Be understanding

Be grace-filled 

Be kind to yourself my love

And others will know to follow by example