Purity culture

Did not teach us how to become women

It taught us how disappear

It taught us how to pretend to ignore our ability to feel past our own understanding because no one ever wanted to talk about it


So now we are talking about it

I am tired

Of seeing women walking around feeling as though they are half

Told that they are half until someone comes and completes them

But we are complete

And whole in the only one who has any right to say so

The very one who made the heavens and the stars

made these bodies

These loved and treasured bodies

Holy and set apart bodies

Palace dripping in gold and majesty

these bodies


Meant to Carry life

But only when the time is right


Just know

Shame does not own you

You are more than any mistake

You are not walking sin

You are testimony


He is writing something new for us

No more disappearing

No more guilt

We are women

Built to love

Made to love


You are temple and home

So know that not everyone deserves to stay

Deserves to unpack bags

Deserves to hold you

Or know fully your mystery


I'll wait until they do

Until then I will learn to bridge these two parts of me

Understand how to love them both