Aren't you tired of placing your heart in hands that will never truly understand how to hold it ?

can't you feel it every time you give pieces of yourself to those who don't deserve it ?

You are not a lonely whole filler Your body is not meant to be a space heater until it is replaced by someone else

Girl, you make yourself small to fit into spaces that you can feel your wings being squeezed within

Girl, You are not anything close to mediocre, so why would you assume that the way you love would be anything less than meteor shower-- shame reversed in the garden, A love that just sings finally finally finally

Why would you assume that the way that love will find you will not be storybook Would not be be handwritten, type written in the moment, would not breathe out redemption Would not be a glimpse or the way that Jesus loves in human touch Would not be the most beautiful mix of imperfection and chaotic perfection

This love will be yours It will be worth waiting for

Girl, your heart is too restless for setting Don't settle