I have never believed in coincidences
The idea that two people happen
to just stumble aimlessly into one another's paths
The conversation with a stranger that for some reason soaks a little deeper than the rest
The moment you decide to look up from your phone and let your eyes recognize another passing human being after missing so many before them 
When you needed an embrace and in that moment someone shows up, wraps their arms around and whispers "I think you needed this"

Are too casual for a world of purpose 
They are destined pinpoints in this maze of a map called our lives
When we have the orchestrator of all things hand crafting these narratives 
They happen, both small and (large)
Both significant and seemingly minuscule 
To make us better people
Shaping us into people of integrity

Coincidences ? I think not.
Because every time I attempt to make what's not meant to be casual,
fit into my tiny mundane perspective
It makes itself bigger, says how dare you
and never ceases to amaze me.