Inspired by Rationale by Vessels

And even when you leave,

I will still be open doors

I will still be no vacancy sort of heart

 because that room will always be yours 

And even when I come home 

And your drawers are empty

There will always be space for you

And I know -- this kind of love 

It's the kind that makes you tie up your shoelaces extra tight 

because you plan to run and run far 

But distance -- see distance has nothing on love this deep and this wide 

See distance is nothing but an inch you can keep track of on your own pinky

Because once there is less space than that between us 

There is nothing coming against this 

We will brush hands 

And no one, not even you 

Will be able to deny the "finally" that escapes from the tips of our fingers 

When they wrap and intertwine themselves as if they knew what it was to miss the others press of palm 

I get it-- you're scared

I get it-- this is new and terrifying  

And beautiful 

And terrifying 

See this. This is no space for cowards

This will take all of you and all of me 

I am sure, that we will take turns racing to the door

But one will always stay 

And we will always know 

what it means to come home

So take your time

Be scared, shake off the jitters 

And come back 

Because not even fear could convince you that this -- is not where you belong

30/30, PoetryArielle Estoria