21 Lessons while being 21

I didn't read it over and over to try and get it right, I wanted it to be raw just in the same way I wrote it. Its more of a list of thoughts than anything else. Here's a look into my year and my mind. 21 lessons while being 21 1. You have to love yourself before you can begin to love others right 2. Your purity ring is not magic, it is not Prince Charming or the promise that what you're waiting for will come when you want it 3. Coffee is always a good idea 4. The best kind of pain is a stomach cramp after laughter 5. Sometimes friendships are not always meant to last 6. The protection of your heart can take priority over someone else's and It doesn't mean you are selfish 7. Listening to Jessie McCartney is not only socially acceptable but encouraged 8. You're not superwoman, but wearing your cape anyway allows other people the courage to do the same 9. Beauty is equally facial features as it is heart and mind 10. Vulnerability is not a sign of weakness 11. You don't always have to be doing well, sometimes you can be honest and simply say you're just okay... You have learned that some people will stop to listen why 12. Your Instagram likes mean nothing, you will still spend evenings writing to forget that you are alone 13. Loneliness is beautiful, embrace it 14. Being confident is not always cocky, learn to wear it proudly in your namesake 15. You have learned how not to turn away when staring your flaws in the mirror this is called acceptance 16. Heartbreaks can happen in many different ways ... So can healing 17. You are loved and deserving of being loved 18. days without makeup are necessary for Sanity and raw self devotion 19. Late, crisp evenings are perfect for writing 20. Just because a season is over doesn't mean your relationship with the people in it are over too 21. You are loved and so deserving of being loved

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Originally Written: October 3, 2013

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