Tomorrow I will go to work

And a classroom will not just be a classroom

Tomorrow we will be reminded that cemeteries 

Are not the only existing graveyards 

We will lay words of remembrance as flowers 

To keep those no longer here alive

Today, reminded us that children 

are still seen as bullet practice

That their age does not guarantee long life  

Tomorrow I will convince my students that they are not dispensable 

I will teach them how to wear their story and courage like armor 

I will teach them how to sift through their emotions and articulate each one so that they are never articulated through the click of a gun

 And you will ask us why this theater stuff matters

And I will tell you,

We are teaching them how to be human

So that they never forget 

So that they never let their own feelings blind them from taking another humans life

We are teaching them that they are not disposable despite who may say otherwise 

30/30, PoetryArielle Estoria